Guide to Dental Implant Costs

Marylebone Implant Centre treatment options and prices

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Marylebone Implant Centre is proud to give our patients great results for their dental procedures at very affordable Dental Implant Costs. Marylebone Implant Centre is a full time dental implant centre that gives the best standard of care for all of our patients while keeping our prices very competitive here in London and throughout the United Kingdom. As part of our goal to better meet the needs of all our patients, we offer 0% financing available on most of our dental procedures. By allowing you to spread the costs of your dental procedure or treatment over the course of your treatment you will be able to finally get the smile you have always wanted at a price that is affordable to you.

Before the implant consultation

Advice and information line free of charge
Pre-consultation assessment free of charge

At the implant consultation

CT Scan + Panoramic X-ray (a copy can be supplied) £150
Dental Implants Consultation free of charge
CT scan analysis free of charge
Your own personalised treatment plan – scale of times and total cost of treatment free of charge

Dental implants

Multiple dental Implants from £395
Single dental Implants from £695
Implant abutments from £250
Implant porcelain crowns from £350

Completed implants (implant + abutment + crown)

Dental Implant restored with titanium abutment & porcelain crown from £995
Dental implant restored with Zirconia (white) aesthetic abutment & all ceramic crown (Procera®/Lava®) from £1,695
Dental implant restored with precious metal (gold alloy) abutment & ceramic crown from £1,695

Implant Supported Bridge Restorations

3-Point porcelain bridge fixed to dental implants replacing 3 missing teeth in a row from £2,840
4-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 4 missing teeth in a row from £3,190
5-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 5 missing teeth in a row from £4,285
6-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 6 missing teeth in a row from £5,280
7-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 7 missing teeth in a row from £5,630
8-Point bridge porcelain fixed to dental implants replacing 8 missing teeth in a row from £6,775

Full arch rehabilitations

Fixed implant supported bridge (one arch) with porcelain crowns over 8 implants from £8,995
Fixed implant supported bridge (one arch) with porcelain crowns over 6 implants from £7,250
Implant supported aesthetic overdenture from £3,499

Oral surgery procedures

Atraumatic extraction from £80
Surgical extraction from £195
Socket Preservation from £295
GBR and GTR from £395
Maxillary Sinus Lift (lateral wall) from £995
Osteotome Summer’s technique from £495
Ridge split from £595
Block graft from £995

Periodontal procedures (“Gum treatment”)

1st visit (Diagnose and treatment plan) from £80
Root planning (per hour/2 quadrants) from £150
Re evaluation from £50
Periodontal ressective surgery (per quadrant) from £445
Periodontal regenerative surgery (per quadrant) from £595
Gingivectomy from £395
Crown lenghtening from £495
Conective tissue graft from £595

Cosmetic dentistry procedures

Home teeth Whitening – Opalescence 6% from £199
In Surgery Teeth Whitening – Enlighten Evolution 3 from £499
Invisalign® from £1,995
Porcelain veneer from £495
Composite veneer from £295
All ceramic crown (Procera®/Lava®) from £495
Aesthetic inlays and onlays from £395
White composite filings from £95

Oral Hygiene – with Hygienist

Ultrasonic scaling + Oral Hygiene techniques (40 min. session) £75
Ultrasonic scaling + Oral Hygiene techniques (1 hour session) £100
Airflow – stains removal (to combine with ultrasonic scaling) £30
Teeth whitening – home whitening kit (including custom made trays) £295
Teeth Whitening -ZOOM !!! in surgery whitening £295


Emergency appointment £100
Missed appointment £125 (per hour)

Free pay as you go system

Here at The Marylebone Implant Centre we understand that the cost of implants can sometimes be expensive, although we try our best to keep prices as reasonable as possible sometimes they are still slightly out of the patients’ budget. To try and help our patients we offer an interest free pay as you go system. What this means is that we will spread the cost of your treatment over the duration of your treatment for no extra cost. Once you have attended the clinic for your consultation we provide you with a full treatment plan and a suggested payment plan. As stated this is a suggested payment plan and can sometimes be slightly adjusted if you feel that would make the treatment more accessible to you. The average treatment plan takes between 3-6 months to complete, thus resulting in you having 3-6 months to pay your balance. The final payment must be made before we can fit you final restoration.

Dental Finance

Improving the look of your teeth and getting back the confidence to laugh and smile again to a lot of people is priceless. But what if you don’t have the money?We work closely with our dental finance company who have been making dentistry affordable for years. Essentially you can get a stunning smile for less than a cup of high street coffee a day. There are many benefits to taking out our dental finance schemes; • Payments spreadable up to 5 years • Quick and easy process – all you need to do is complete a form and provide proof of photo I.D and address • Quick response time • Really low APR • Good acceptance rates for people with adverse credit history Please email a member of our team or request a call back to talk over any questions that you might have about dental finance.