Marylebone Implant Centre Treatment Options and Prices

Dental Implant Consultation

During this consultation, we will be able to examine your mouth in more detail and provide you with treatment options and costs on the understanding that we have access to the results of a CT scan. One can be arranged for you if you have not had one in the last 12 months.

We will perform a comprehensive detailed assessment taking everything into consideration including:

  • Overall mouth condition and level of infection.
  • The structural integrity of the remaining teeth.
  • Your oral functionality.
  • Jawbone and surrounding muscles.
  • Existing bone density and potential for implant placement.
  • And the type of smile you want to achieve.

Marylebone Implant Centre Pricing Options

** Please Note: We can only see patients that have had a CT scan within the last 12 months, so an accurate assessment can be provided. CT scans can be done at MIC when you come in for your first consultation.

At The Implant ConsultationCost
Dental Implants Consultation£0
CT Scan Analysis£0
Personalised Treatment Plan£0
** CT Scan + Panoramic X-Ray (Copy Can Be Supplied)£95
Completed Implants (Implant + Abutment + Crown)Cost
Dental Implant Restored with Titanium Abutment & Porcelain Crown£2195
Dental Implant Restored with Zirconia (White) Aesthetic Abutment & All-Ceramic Crown (Procera®/Lava®)£2595
Zirconia Implant with Zirconia Crown£3500
Full Arch RehabilitationCost
Implant Supported Aesthetic Overdenturefrom £12000
Fixed Implant Supported Bridge (One Arch) with Porcelain Crowns
(Over 6 Implants)
from £19500
Fixed Implant Supported Bridge (One Arch) with Porcelain Crowns
(Over 8 Implants)
from £26000
Oral Surgery ProceduresCost
Atraumatic Extractionfrom £180
Surgical Extractionfrom £250
Socket Preservationfrom £450
GBR and GTRfrom £450
Maxillary Sinus Lift (Lateral Wall)from £1200
Osteotome Summer’s Techniquefrom £495
Block Graftfrom £1800
Periodontal Procedures (“Gum Treatment”)Cost
1st Visit (Diagnose and Treatment Plan)from £180
Root Planning (per hour / 2 quadrants)from £350
Re-evaluationfrom £150
Periodontal Resective Surgery (Per Quadrant)from £600
Periodontal Regenerative Surgery (Per Quadrant)from £800
Gingivectomyfrom £450
Crown Lengtheningfrom £600
Connective Tissue Graftfrom £600
Cosmetic Dentistry ProceduresCost
In Surgery Teeth Whitening – Enlighten Evolution 3from £600
Porcelain Veneerfrom £700
All Ceramic Crown (Procera®/Lava®)from £800
Aesthetic Inlays and Onlaysfrom £600
White Composite Fillingsfrom £250
Oral Hygiene – With HygienistCost
Ultrasonic Scaling + Oral Hygiene Techniques (1 Hour Session)£100
Emergency Appointment£150
Missed Appointment£125 per hour