Wisdom Teeth Removal in London

Marylebone Implant Centre: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth usually grow out during the early twenties, a point at which the patient has already had their 28 adult teeth already fully grown and in place.

Impacted wisdom teeth, or wisdom teeth that have not been able to fully break through the surface of your gum line, can lead to issues over time. Bacteria and food particles can accumulate, potentially causing gum disease, infections, and tooth decay.

Types of Wisdom Tooth Impaction

In some instances, there isn’t enough space for wisdom teeth to grow out properly which may result in patients needing to get one or more teeth extracted. Wisdom teeth that grow out at a certain angle, emerge partially, or get stuck are known as impacted. There are several different types of impacted wisdom teeth which include:

  • Horizontal Impaction – where the tooth grows horizontally
  • Vertical Impaction – when the tooth can’t break through the gums because it’s stuck against the next tooth
  • Mesial Impaction – tooth growth at an angle facing the front of the mouth
  • Distal Impaction – growth away from the tooth next to it

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