Dental Implant Brands Used at the Marylebone Implant Centre

At a time when dental implant brands are becoming more popular than ever, in the UK and worldwide, the Implantology industry has a market value currently worth millions of pounds. With such a variety of options, how should the patient know what the best implant brands are?

Although there are nearly 600 dental implant companies in the world, there are just a few companies that have sufficient research to back the claims of their own products.

What’s the Differentiating Factor Among Implants?

Nowadays, implants are rough or medium-rough surface; in order for the implant to be able to lock in the bone it needs to have a certain texture. This texture is figuratively each implant’s individual fingerprint. If an implant is too rough it may leave gums prone to infection considering the increased risk of plaque build-up. Implants are manufactured specifically to your needs by our specialist dental laboratorians.

With modern advancements, implant companies have introduced active biological substances to dental implant surfaces. This allows quicker integration of the implant and greater resistance to infection.

What Implant Brands Do We Use?

At Marylebone Implant Centre, we use Straumann in our treatment:

Straumann has completed extensive pioneering research in the field of implant dentistry, which has been used by rival manufacturers in the production of their implant parts.

Straumann Dental Implant Systems

Straumann SLActive: faster healing times and more predictability

The scientists at Straumann have researched the possibilities of significantly reducing healing time after insertion and enhancing predictability of the outcome, without additional risk to the implant integration. The outcome: Straumann SLActive, the ground-breaking and clinically proven implant surface.

This technology may cut healing time in half by initiating the bone formation process at an earlier stage, resulting in substantially improved implant stability. Furthermore, it improves treatment predictability in clinically challenging situations.

Straumann Roxolid: less invasive treatment thanks to higher strength

Implants are anchored in the jaw, bone like natural teeth. If there is not enough bone available, a bone augmentation procedure is an established method. However, under certain conditions – which, as always, must be evaluated first by your dentist-the bone augmentation step can be skipped.

With Roxolid, Straumann has developed a unique material for dental implants that offers even more strength than titanium implants. In this context, more strength means that the implant can bear a greater load.

Geistlich BioMaterials

Used for 95% of bone grafting procedures at MIC, Geistlich are leaders in dental biomaterials. Primarily, we use Bio-Oss and Bio-Gide in our bone grafting treatments. Used in tandem, Bio Oss and Bio Gide provide long-term implant survival rates and positively aesthetic results for Marylebone Implant Centre patients.


before dental implantafter dental implant
before dental implantafter dental implant