Zirconia Implant Abutments

Here at Marylebone Implant Centre we offer a variety of different cosmetic dentistry procedures to help patients who suffer from a missing tooth or teeth. Zirconia implant abutments are always a great option.

Zirconia Abutments and Crowns at Marylebone Dental Implant Centre

Zirconia is a white and slightly translucent material. It is very hard and it can be used to create implant components as an alternative to titanium or metal. Due to its highly aesthetic properties,  we often propose the use of zirconia abutments with metal-free crowns, as these allow as natural as possible an outcome.

Here at Marylebone Implant Centre, we offer a variety of different cosmetic dentistry procedures to help patients who suffer from a missing tooth or teeth. Zirconia abutments are a great option, as they are highly aesthetic and their use, mainly in the front section of the mouth where the gum is thin, can provide optimal results for patients.

Dental implants have three components: the implant itself, the abutment and the crown, although in some situations the abutment and the crown may be just one piece (screw-retained crowns). The abutment facilitates the transition between the dental implant and the implant crown; this component can be difficult to visually mimic natural teeth when the adjacent gum is thin and translucent.

Another critical component of our dental implants is the crown. Implant crowns can be cemented into the abutment or they can be screw-retained when the abutment and crown are a singular piece. In both cases, it is possible for the base or coping of the crown, to be made of zirconia.

Porcelain crowns are often incorrectly believed to be made of porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain is a fairly weak material that requires a resistant substructure. This can be made of metal, or alternatively of zirconia. Because zirconia is white in appearance, similar to natural teeth, clinicians who use this material are able to obtain a much more natural result for patients.

Zirconia is a white and slightly translucent material, very rigid and one of the most biocompatible materials used in the dental industry. Because of its optic properties, it is frequently used in highly aesthetic cases or in situations when patients prefer not to have any metal component as part of their implants, implant restorations or crowns.

The Zirconia components available in the dental industry are:

  • Dental implants
  • Implant abutments and frameworks
  • Teeth or implant crown copings

Zirconia Implants

For the past 20 years, the dental industry has been looking for an alternative to the most commonly used titanium implants. The purpose is either to solve aesthetically challenging implant cases, or simply to supply the demand of patients preferring not to have any metal in their mouth (so-called holistic dentistry). Zirconium is a rigid, highly biocompatible and aesthetic material which makes it a very popular choice for implantologists and patients.

However, due to their rigidity, creating zirconium implants with traditional implant characteristics has proved to be a complicated task. This has led to the recent commercialisation of two-piece dental implants.

Zirconia implants are an available option for patients at the Marylebone Implant Centre. If you wish to discuss this implant material, please speak to one of our implantologists during the initial consultation.


before dental implantafter dental implant
before dental implantafter dental implant


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