Temporary Dental Implant Restoration in London

Not only can missing teeth be a cause of great discomfort – they can be considered visually unappealing, which many patients see as a burden on self-confidence.

As experts in implant dentistry, we at the Marylebone Implant Centre understand the frustration of waiting a period of months for newly-placed implants to fuse to the bone. After all, the sooner you’re smiling your best smile, the better! This is where temporary implant restoration comes in.

Don’t Wait For Your Implant Site to Heal – Have a Temporary Prosthetic Fitted!

During the interim period of healing and integration, temporary crown placement is a popular choice for patients. More often than not, patients with a front-of-mouth treatment area will opt for this application if possible.

The dental implants are then left for approximately 3-6 months for the integration period. At this time the patient may choose to wear a temporary restoration. These restorations vary between fixed (supported by the remaining teeth), immediately supported by dental implants in London, or they can be removable (in the form of dentures). These options are discussed in detail between the implantologist and the patient at the initial consultation and will form part of the agreed treatment plan.

Marylebone Implant Centre, Highly Experienced in Implant Dentistry

We pride ourselves on the utmost care & transparency with patients before, after and during treatment. Our treatment plans include all fees and information on time scales; there are no hidden costs. Our highly-experienced clinicians are all registered under the GDC.

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