Bone Grafting: Osteotome Summers Technique

The Osteotome Summers technique, developed by Dr. Robert Summers, is a procedure that would help to increase the height of bone in a location where due to the close proximity of the Maxillary Sinus, an implant placement would not be possible. In order to be a candidate to have this procedure completed, there requires a minimum of 5 to 7mm of residual bone where the future implant will be placed.

Every case is different, however, and this option should be discussed and evaluated with our implantologists at the time of the implant consultation.

What does the Osteotome Summers Technique Involve?

There are two applications of this technique:

  • The preparation and creation of the implant site, which previously lacked adequate bone structure for a successful placement, then:
  • A procedure to increase the bone density of the treatment area.

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