Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth

Studies have shown that if multiple teeth in a row are missing in the anterior part of the mouth, a bridge supported by implants would allow a more favourable outcome rather than fitting several implants next to each other.

But is this a suitable alternative for you, instead of multiple dental implants in London?

Sick of having two missing teeth next to each other? 

If you are living with two or more missing teeth that are adjacent to one another, you are likely looking for a solution that can restore the stability you once enjoyed and reinstate your smile. 

At MIC, our implantologists can assess your teeth and help you to make an informed decision as to whether you may require a multiple teeth implant bridge procedure, not to be confused with multiple dental implants in London.

The use of a bridge may also benefit posterior sections of the mouth, where depending on the case at hand, we may use dental implants to support bridges instead of placing multiple implants adjacent to each other.

While it is possible to use multiple dental implants at a time, it is not always encouraged as it can be:

  • A longer process – dental implants can involve a healing process of 3-6 months, and that’s before you consider the time involved in extra procedures, including bone grafts and sinus lifts.
  • The start of additional treatments – thanks to the fitting of dental implants, if you don’t have good quality or a good amount of bone, you may need extra treatments before implants can be fitted.
  • Complex – your jaw bone may not have sufficient space for the placement of multiple dental implants in a smaller area of the mouth.
  • Costly – multiple dental implants can be more expensive than a multiple teeth implant bridge.

What Implant Method is Best if Multiple Teeth are Missing?

The exact method of patient tooth restoration depends upon a range of factors, including: 

  • The quality and quantity of bone
  • The state of the remaining teeth
  • The bite/physiognomy of the patient

We are often asked how many implants are necessary to support a long-span bridge. However, this varies from patient to patient, and depends on the intended position of the bridge within the mouth and how many teeth are missing.

If the missing teeth are located in the front of the mouth, generally speaking, fewer implants will be required. However, if the implants are located on the posterior (back) sections we may need to over-engineer the bridge by adding more implants to ensure the pressure and motion of chewing is accounted for

Here at MIC, we understand that every case is different and this is why we believe the consultation is so crucial to making a proper diagnosis and plan of treatment for each and every patient we see.

How Many Implants Will be Required?

The number of implants supporting the bridge is dependent on the location of the bridge inside the mouth and its engineering needs, for example, patients with a heavier bite may require more implants supporting a bridge.

Can you get multiple dental implants at once?

If it is recommended by your dental professional as the best form of treatment for you, it is very possible to get multiple dental implants in one sitting. 

This can save you hours of time and also means that all of your healing periods can coincide – allowing you to receive the permanent crowns at the same time. 

An increased number of dental implants will also bring increased factors that you need to be aware of and consider, including:

  • Slight difficulty in your healing period – as your mouth will be tender in more than one place, it might be more difficult to chew – though you can get around this by sticking to softer foods and keeping on top of pain relief. 
  • Instability – as you will be relying on a temporary crown, you will be limited in what you can eat and may find talking feels unusual in the beginning as your mouth gets used to the bridge. 
  • An increased cost – as you will need to pay for all dental implants at once as they will be carried out at the same time. 

To make these complications easier, your dental expert will discuss aftercare instructions with you. Similarly, there are a range of dental financing options that you can consider, which can allow you to pay for your treatment over a series of months instead of in one lump-sum. 

Why choose MIC for multiple dental implants in London?

MIC is proud to provide expert dental solutions to our patients which are both realistic and affordable, including dental implants in all forms

We understand how important it is for your teeth to appear natural and remain functional, which is why we work closely with our laboratory technicians to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and that all treatments are approved under the BDA, GDC, and UK guidelines.


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