Atraumatic Tooth Extraction (Oral Surgery Procedures)


When a tooth cannot be saved, we will take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the Atraumatic tooth extraction we perform will coincide with an implant treatment that we have pre-planned in advance.

Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre, our staff makes every effort possible to ensure that our patient’s precious bone and gum tissues are well preserved in order to better guarantee the success of the dental implant procedures and treatments we perform here at our office.

An In-depth Look at Atraumatic Tooth Extraction

There are generally four walls of the tooth socket in which the root will reside. The outer wall is the one that faces your cheeks and lipsand is a lot thinner that the inner wall which faces the roof of your mouth and your tongue. Usually when talking about an atraumatic tooth extraction this includes a special effort by a dentist and his staff in which they will be using special dental equipment to ensure that the removal of the tooth doesn’t compromise the outer wall of your root. In most case,s a dental surgeon who is experienced in performing such an extraction will be performing a macro-surgery using microsurgical equipment.

Benefits to Atraumatic Tooth Extraction

The benefits to having an atraumatic tooth extraction with a trained dental staff like here at Marylebone Implant Centre includes the fact that you will feel less pain and discomfort during the procedure. Those who opt to have an atraumatic tooth extraction will have a shorter recovery time with minimal post-operative complications to worry about. The biggest benefit, though, is the fact that most of the bone structure is saved which will provide a better foundation for upcoming implant placement.

For more information about this procedure and many others to help prepare your jawbone for dental implants, please contact our office or stop by to further discuss your options. We specialise in many different dental implant preparation procedures to help ensure that you will have the most beautiful smile possible.