Dental Implant brands (Dental Implant Treatments)

Dental Implant brands

At a time when dental implant brands are becoming more popular then ever, in the UK and worldwide, the dental implant industry represents currently millions of pounds.

At the present moment there are roughly 600 dental Implant brands (companies).

Most of these brands produce more than one model of dental implants. We could create an analogy with cars.

There are different brands of cars (Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault, Mercedes, etc..) and each one of these brands produces different models.

With such a variety of options, how should the patient know what is the best implant Brands?

The answer is RESEARCH. The research background that each of this brands has to support their products. Why?

Because just with research studies we can understand how the dental implant brands will behave when inserted in the human body. Also, research is needed in order to improve the dental implant features, overcome the problems that a specific implant may have.

Research studies, should include several studies that are run on the laboratory and also clinical trials.

Although there are nearly 600 dental implant companies in the world, there are just a few companies that have enough research to back their own products. Most of the companies that allege that have research studies, only have a short term laboratory studies and the majority of them just extrapolate conclusions from other studies to their one products.

Would you have inserted a dental implant in your body without knowing if it could create problems to your health?

Why do just few companies have proper research studies?

Because proper laboratory and clinical research studies cost millions of pounds and take time to be done and most of the companies are not willing to spend this type of money (or they don’t have the budget to do it) or they are not willing to spend time developing their products.

Unfortunately, there is lack of control by the main health authorities into the launching of dental implants onto the market. It takes about 3 months of paperwork and some insufficient laboratory trials in order to successfully launch a dental implant onto the market with the approval of the FDA (one of the world’s most recognize authorities in healthcare).

On the other side, all the dental implant industry tends to move at the same time in the same direction. This doesn’t mean that the implants are all the same, it means that the macroscopic features (the ones that we can identify just by looking at the implant) are quite similar.

This includes the material: most of the implants nowadays are made of titanium grade V, and it also includes the implant/abutment connection (could be external or internal) and the fact that the 99% of the implants have threads.

But what makes the dental implants different?

What is the fingerprint that gives the character to every single implant? That fingerprint is given by the surface of the implant.

Nowadays, all implants are rough surface or medium rough surface. This means that in order for the implant to be able to lock in the bone it needs to be rough. It is the type of roughness that is the specifics of each implant – that is the fingerprint of each implant. That roughness could be created by using different laboratory techniques.

Is the roughest implant the best?

Not really, certainly the implant needs to have a certain grade of roughness, but we also have to look to another problem called peri-implantitis – infections around the implant that can lead to the implant failure.

If an implant is too rough it may also be more prone to infections as the roughness can easily retain more plaque and create infections around the implant.

At this time, some Implant companies introduced active biological substances on the dental implant surface that can increase the speed of integration of the implant in the bone and that create more resistance to infections.

What implants company’s do we work with at the Marylebone Implant Centre?

Our philosophy

We have a transparency policy at the Marylebone implant Centre. We work with two different dental implant brands companies: Straumann and Implant Direct Sybron Solutions.


straumann 4 marylebone dental implants

More than Swiss precision. Exceptional peace of mind.

There are many reasons for you to enjoy peace of mind with our original components. Straumann is a leading dental implant company that in more than 60 years has earned worldwide trust because it has remained true to itself. We are convinced that few companies have as much to offer, so there are many reasons why opting for a Straumann implant is an excellent choice of your oral health:

Straumann SLActive: faster healing times and more predictability

The scientists at Straumann have researched the possibilities of significantly reducing healing time after insertion and enhancing predictability of the outcome, without additional risk to the implant integration. The outcome: Straumann SLActive, the ground-breaking and clinically proven implant surface.

This technology may cut healing time in half by initiating the bone formation process at an earlier stage, resulting in substantially improved implant stability. Furthermore, it improves treatment predictability in clinically challenging situations.

Straumann Roxolid: less invasive treatment thanks to higher strength

Implants are anchored in the jaw, bone like natural teeth. If there is not enough bone available, a bone augmentation procedure is an established method. However, under certain conditions – which, as always, must be evaluated first by your dentist-the bone augmentation step can be skipped.

With Roxolid, Straumann has developed a unique material for dental implants that offers even more strength than titanium implants. In this context, more strength means that the implant can bear a greater load.

As a result, Straumann implants are necessary due to insufficient bone. With the option to use smaller implants and if a bone augmentation procedure can be avoided, treatment time may also be reduced as the surgery requires fewer steps.

Our products are backed by science

Only few systems on the market have been scientifically tested. The Straumann Dental Implant System is one of the best documented, with more than 35 years of extensive scientific, clinical evidence and support by more than 700 scientific publications.

A pioneer and global leader in implant dentistry

We have been researching, developing and manufacturing implants since 1974. In collaboration with renowned international clinics, research institutes and universities, we have pioneered many ground-breaking technologies in implant dentistry.

More than 14 million implants placed worldwide

Through Swiss precision engineering and clinical excellence, the Straumann Dental Implant brands System has earned worldwide trust. Clinicians in over 70 countries have placed more than 14 million Straumann implants. So wherever life takes you, care is nearby for your Straumann dental implants.

Always a step ahead

Our daily aim is to enhance implant success and improve your experience with dental implants. Cutting –edge technologies and products like SLActive and Roxolid were developed and designed by Straumann to make implant therapy shorter, more predictable and less invasive, as well as to continually redefine the boundaries of possibility and widen treatment options.

Implant Direct Sybron Solutions

implant direct

Implant Direct is an American dental implants company that was founded by Dr. Gerald A. Niznick. Dr Niznick has been involved in dentistry for the past 30 years. He founded two of most known implant companies during the eighties and nineties decades – Core-Vent Bio-Engineering and Paragon Dental Implant Company.

These two companies were then sold to Zimmer dental (one of the top ten implant companies on the global market – Zimmer still uses some of the legacy features left by Dr. Niznick such as the implant/abutment connection, implant design and surface topography.)

Over the last 30 years Dr. Niznick has had 35 dental implant US patents issued to him including the internal connection patent that has become a landmark of modern implant design.

Implant Direct Sybron Solutions was initially Implant Direct International and latter it was partially acquired by Sybron Solutions resulting in their contemporaneous brand: Implant Direct Sybron Solutions.

This implant brand company created more than 10 years ago, meant to change the dental implant market by offering a product commercialized in a slight different way – that would make it more affordable for dentist and patients.

Using his background research accumulated for the past 30 years, Dr. Niznick created the implant direct that has the name says it results in the biggest Internet based implant distributor. By avoiding local sales representatives and a heavy structure that costs millions of pounds in overheads, the cost of the final product would be significantly less expensive (as the implatologist would have simply to place the order online).

Also, their innovative all-in-one package allows implatologists to save extra pounds in implant components, that come included in the implant package. This has allowed Implant Direct Sybron Solutions to create a premium product at a very affordable price – that at the Marylebone Implant Centre we are happy to pass on to our patients.

Implant features (“fingerprint”):

The two main features of the Implant Direct Sybron Solutions implants its their SBM™ surface and the internal hexagonal connection.

The SBM™ surface (SBM = soluble blasted media) gives to the implant a medium rough surface that allows a good integration of the implant with the bone. This surface has shown great results on research studies, with low resorption rate around the implant (in the long term).

Dental Implant brands Direct features

The Hexagonal Internal Connection (initially patented by Dr. Niznick) is a unique feature that allows interchangeability to this implant system – this means that we can use some implant brands components from some other implant brands companies in order to restore or repair the implant, crown or abutment.

We can use some universal instruments (tools) in order to restore or repair this implants. In practical terms if a patients travels a lot or if he re-locates to a different part of the country or the world it will be very easy to find a local dentist or implantologist with the correct instruments (or tools) in order to address the implant).