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Why Use an Electric Toothbrush to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

If you are looking for a cheap, easy way to get a beautiful, healthy smile, then you have got to invest in an electric toothbrush. It’s often been stated that someone who has a great smile will have happiness for many years to come. For great overall oral health, investing in a quality electric toothbrush will help you to not only maintain a beautiful smile, it can also help to whiten your teeth as well as help to reduce or even eliminate your chances of getting cavities and other gum diseases caused by poor oral hygiene habits. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are brushing their teeth is that they don’t brush their teeth for a full two minutes. Many electric toothbrushes have a timer feature on them which lets you know exactly how long you have been brushing your teeth and when your two minutes is up. Along with flossing your teeth after each meal and rinsing with a fluoride based mouthwash, an electric toothbrush will help you maintain your healthy teeth. What’s also great about an electric toothbrush is that it’s perfect for patients who have dental implants or porcelain crowns inserted in their mouth. If you are still using a manual toothbrush, why not make the change to an electric toothbrush today and see the difference it will make on your smile and for your overall oral health as you will certainly see the benefits the next time you have a routine check-up with Dr. Santos.