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Why it’s So Important to Replace Your Missing Tooth

When it comes to having a missing tooth, you may feel that the only issue you may have would be the fact that you have a missing tooth and you may feel a bit embarrassed about it.  While the cosmetic concern is one of the reasons why someone may decide to get a tooth implant, it not necessarily is the main concern of your dentist. Having a missing tooth can lead to many long-term problems for your oral and your overall health.  Bone loss is one of the most common problems that’s could happen if you choose not to replace your missing tooth. Not only will you suffer from bone loss, but you will also be putting yourself at a higher risk for losing more teeth as well as have ill-effects on your appearance. Missing a tooth can also have an effect on your ability to eat certain foods along with having an effect on your speech. Missing teeth have also been attributed to gum disease and tooth decay as plaque buildup can begin to form around the surrounding teeth that’s left unprotected. Dental implants are the most popular solution for those who are suffering from a missing tooth or teeth. For more information about dental implants and a free, no obligation consultation you can contact our office today.