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Why Is It Important to Brush Your Teeth at Night

When you think about it brushing your teeth at night, remember it is the only way you will be able to remove all the food particles, plaque, and tartar that builds up on your teeth and between your teeth throughout the day. If you don’t brush your teeth at night you are welcoming bacteria and gingivitis to begin to wreak havoc on your teeth, gum lines, and jawbone which over time could cause you to have tooth decay. The same tooth decay that can cause you to lose your teeth meaning that you would have teeth implants or need to wear dentures for the rest of your life. Brushing your teeth at night means that you won’t have to sleep with all that bad bacteria in your mouth for too long. One of the first signs of cavities is pain and discomfort in your mouth. Try to develop a schedule or routine if you are currently not brushing your teeth before you go to bed.  Make a note besides your bed where your alarm clock is or perhaps keep it where you leave the TV remote at night.  It’s important for your overall oral health that you brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. In the next blog we will talk about why it’s bad for your teeth to eat before you go to bed.