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Why Do People Fear Going to the Dentist?

If you are afraid of the dentist, don’t be ashamed. You are not alone. Many people have a fear of going to the dentist for many different reasons, but for most it’s a fear that is founded not on facts but on fear itself. Don’t let your fear of going to the dentist prevent you from having good oral hygiene. It’s important that you go to the dentist for routine checkups at least twice a year, but even more if you are at higher risk for periodontal disease or tooth decay. In the next several blogs, we will go over certain steps that you can take to help overcome your fear of going to the dentist. Fear is Normal: It’s not fun going to the dentist and your dentist understands this. Fear is normal for both children and adults alike and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. The good news is that today dentists use better tools and technology than they did in the past. Because of this there is less pain and recovery time for certain procedures, including dental implants. Find the Right Dentist for You: The right dentist can make all the difference for people who have a fear of going to the dentist. Find someone who does not make you feel anxious and is willing to work with you and your fear. Talk to people and search for reviews online about dentists in your area. You can even schedule an office visit to meet with the dentist before you actually schedule an appointment, just be prepared to pay for the time you spend for such a consultation.