Why Choose Dental Implants? 1
Why Choose Dental Implants?

Why Choose Dental Implants?

If you are missing a tooth or teeth or have gaps due to gum disease or an accident or injury and are struggling with an ill-fitting denture or bridge then dental implants are a great alternative for you as they look and feel just like your natural teeth and you can be confident in the knowledge that they are secure and will not move about or fall out at the most inconvenient of times. Dental implants will not impact on the rest of your natural teeth.

Dental implants are very durable and are a longer-lasting alternative to conventional dentures or bridges.

If you have had a poor prognosis on a tooth or teeth or if you have had an accident or injury and your dentist has advised you that unfortunately the tooth or teeth cannot be saved most patients will then be prescribed to have either a conventional denture or bridge however there is an alternative to patients in the form of dental implants.

The science and technology of dental implants meant that dentist could now offer something completely new and clinically safe to patients to give them back their smile, chewing ability and oral health which in the long term gave them back their confidence and nutritional health.

However when dental implants first came to the dentistry profession because they were so new and designs and techniques were still in the initial stage dental implants were quite expensive and only the given few were able to consider dental implant treatment, therefore, people in the UK that could not afford to have the dental implants placed in the UK found themselves travelling to Europe to have them placed.

After many years of expert training and developing new skills, designs and techniques the dental implant screw itself is not only more dental user-friendly for the consultant it is much more friendly, safer and faster healing for the patient. Thankfully nowadays you will find that there are an array of dental implant brands on the market, therefore, giving dental consultants and clinics in the UK a wider variety of dental implants to choose from to suit their patients.

The Marylebone Implant Centre is a prestige dedicated dental implant centre situated right in the heart of the renown medical district of London offering our patients a highly professional successful competitively priced dental implant treatment and other supporting dental treatments.

We use only the leading UK and Worldwide dental implant brands which are Implant Direct Sybron Solution System and Straumann Implant System all under one roof in our comfortable two-room dental clinic where we use only the best up to the minute dental techniques and equipment which are all clinically approved and tested regularly.

So Why Choose to Have Implants?

There are various reasons as to why dental implants are a much better option for patients than conventional bridges or removable dentures but one of the main reasons for having dental implants is that dental implants will not affect your other teeth as a denture or bridge may do as they do not impact on your other teeth.

Dentures or bridges can put pressure on your other natural teeth which in turn could mean that your other teeth require treatment in the end as they are weighing down on to them.

What most patients are not also aware of with wearing long term removable dentures is that you will find that you may get bone loss, in some cases this can be severe, in your gums which will enviably mean that the dentures will become loose and mobile and will not fit correctly, therefore, you will either have to have new dentures made again or you will have to deal with ill-fitting dentures which in turn means that you will not be able to speak properly, eat the foods you love or all of a sudden your smile disappears and your facial image changes.

Dental implants not only improve the appearance of your facial features and smile they can improve your oral health and overall health of your body. Dental implants will give you back the confidence to speak and smile as conventional dentures can in some cases make your speech sound garbled, if you use removable dentures you may find that they move around your mouth and you can sound like you are mumbling.

With implants, normal speech is usually not affected and you can be confident that mid-speech they will not fall out, letting you know that you are safe in the knowledge that in any situation you may be in your dental implants and teeth will be secure.

There is also a nutritional value to having dental implants as you can now eat all of the foods which you have been avoiding in the past.

Eating an apple is no longer a problem as your ability to chew foods is completely changed

This means you are not only enjoying the foods that were once forbidden but you are also improving your overall health as you are now able to eat a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, meats, fish and poultry, there is nothing off limits which in the long term will not only make you so much fitter and healthy but you will also notice a change in your temperament which will make you so much more outgoing and becoming so much more confident which in turn makes you so much happier.