What Are “Teeth In A Day?”

What Are “Teeth In A Day?”

If you’ve lost teeth or are losing teeth, there are several options for replacing these teeth. Teeth In A Day is suitable for people who still have their teeth but are in bad condition, or those with ill-fitting or unsuitable dentures.

Teeth In A Day refers to the procedure in which the teeth are removed and replaced with a set of temporary acrylic teeth on top of the implants immediately. These temporary teeth should be kept in place for 3-6 months until the healing process has completed.

Who is it for? Teeth In A Day?

Teeth In A Day is for anyone with missing teeth, or teeth in bad condition. If you have any ill-fitting dentures that need to be replaced this is a suitable treatment too. This unique treatment can help provide anyone with failing teeth or missing teeth with a brand new set of strong, reliable teeth.

If you are missing full sets of teeth in either or both jaws, Teeth In A Day will help you

As the implants run from either side of the jaw, a full placement will help to stabilize the implanted teeth.

In the common case of a front tooth needing extraction, a temporary crown is placed on top of the implant immediately, giving instant results. In some cases, this treatment won’t be suitable for you.

The treatment requires a strong bone in the jaw which the teeth are being replaced on, therefore any areas requiring a bone graft or sinus lift will not be suitable for this treatment. In this case, a different type of temporary tooth would be suggested to the patient.

How is it done?

This cutting-edge dental implant treatment is the easiest and quickest way to replace missing teeth.

Before proceeding with the Teeth In A Day procedure, an initial evaluation of the patient’s teeth is necessary. The dentist will consider the patient’s bone structure, tooth strength and several other factors before deciding whether the patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure. This revolutionary treatment begins with inserting the implant into the area of the bone beneath the gum above the teeth.

The implants are metal designed to fuse with the bone in a unique fashion, which helps to strengthen the attachment.

After the implants are inserted into the jawbone during surgery, the fixed bridges are attached to the implants. These act as replacement teeth and they look and function as normal teeth would. This can be done to one or both jaws on the same day, except in extenuating circumstances.


After the treatment you will be advised to stick to a soft diet for around 6-8 weeks, avoiding any crunchy or hard foods. This is to prevent damage and weakness to the implant area, which will cause future issues.

Any damage during the healing phase will prevent the metal implant from correctly integrating with the bone. You’ll also be advised to stay away from smoking, and drinking alcohol. The healing process usually takes around 3 months, and after this time the dentist will remove the temporary acrylic teeth and replace them with permanent teeth made from more durable materials.


  • Teeth in a day are one of the most cost-effective tooth replacement options available such as traditional bridges
  • The procedure is finished very quickly, and you can walk out of the surgery with a new set of teeth on the same day!
  • In the long term, the replacement teeth should last years and look nicer than any older or broken teeth