Dental implants from A to Z

In this video Dr. Santos explains all the general steps from A to Z regarding the dental implant treatment. After the initial consultation, where Dr. Santos interviews the patient and analyses clinically the mouth of the patient such as the CT scan and OPG, a treatment plan is explained and sent to the patient, this includes what will be done in each stage, the duration of each appointment and the times in between appointments, such as the total cost of the treatment. Once the patient agrees to start the treatment, they contact the practice and book the appointment, that frequently corresponds to the implant placement (in the case of a single missing tooth). In the day of the appointment we ask the patient to have a good meal before the surgical procedure and to arrive a couple of minutes earlier to the practice in order to be able to sign all the paper work (treatment plan and consent form). once this is done the patient is then taken inside the surgery where Dr. Santos will summarise the procedure and ask if there are any additional questions. Then Dr. Santos will number the patient utilising local anaesthetic (the patient is awake throughout the all procedure). Once the area where the implant will be placed is numb, Dr. Santos will make a small incision on the gum of the area where the implant has to be placed and create an osteotomy (surgical hole) with the help of our precision surgical drills. This hole will perfectly match the size of the implant previously selected. The implant is then placed and the healing abutment (or cover screw) will be placed on top of the implant in order to allow a proper healing of the gum in the area. Dissolvable stitches are then placed on the gum in order to close up the area and a final Xray will be taken. After this, Dr. Santos will give the post-op instructions to the patient such as the medication. The patient goes home, and typically comes back 3 months latter to have the implant impressions done and the shade taken. Once this is done the laboratory will take approximately 2 weeks in order to create the final porcelain crowns that will be fitted by Dr. Santos on top of the implants. These final porcelain crowns will match the exact shape, and colour of the remaining teeth of the patient. The bite will also be checked.