Teeth in a day

The "Teeth in a day" concept is associated to dental implants and it means that in the same day when the dental implants are placed, a set of temporary teeth/temporary crown, will be fitted on top of the dental implants straight after the implants are placed. This set of temporary teeth/crown is NOT the final porcelain crown/bridge, the temporary teeth are usually made of composite or acrylic. Also, this technique cannot be used in all situations, just when there is good primary stability on the dental implants once they are placed in the bone. This means that usually just when we have good bone we can use this technique. On the other side when the bone is soft or when there is missing bone, this may not be able to be used and in that case the implants will have to be placed and another type of temporary teeth delivered to the patient. The biggest advantage of the "Teeth in a day" is the fact that the patient will have fixed teeth from day one and won't have to deal with dentures for the interim period, giving more comfort and confidence to the patient.