Single implant Vs Conventional 3 unit bridge

From the mid nineties up to nowadays several scientific studies were done in order to compare both treatments: dental Implant vs. bridge over natural teeth in order to replace a missing single tooth. The conclusion of most of these studies was more favorable to the dental implant option as it would have a better long term prognosis (it should last longer) with less drawbacks, being the main one the fact that it doesn’t put in danger the adjacent teeth – sometimes completely healthy. The only disadvantage that was showed was the cost. A dental implant used to be much more expensive than a bridge. Nowadays, and with the fair prices that we offer at the Marylebone Implant Centre, that is not true anymore. With our competitive prices you can benefit from all the advantages of having a dental implant in order to replace a bridge with a similar, if not, less expensive cost. There is something else to have in mind: adding to the cost of the fixed bridge, there may be the need of doing a root canal treatment to the teeth that will support the bridge, such as the need of a post and a core. These additional procedures will increase even more the cost of a fixed dental bridge.