CT Scan for dental implants

CT Scan before dental Implants are placed - why is it so important: there are 3 reasons why we always require a CT Scan before we place implants at the Marylebone Implant Centre: 1) This is the only diagnostic image that will give us the 3rd dimension, i.e., the depth of the field. This is extremely important because one could think that he has enough bone height to place an implant but without knowing the depth of the field we don't know if there is enough bone width in order to correctly place the implant or if there is part of the implant that will be exposed with no bone surrounding it. This 3rd dimensions refers to the bone volume. 2) Accuracy: the CT scan is the only diagnostic image that will give us 99% of accuracy unlike the PA X-rays (small intra-oral X-rays) or the Panoramic xray. Before we place our implants we need to know exactly the position of the vital structures such as arteries, nerves the sinus, and the ct scan is the only way to accurately know this. 3) Planning and cost: by doing an accurate planning we will be able to calculate the costs of the treatment more thoroughly and therefore we will be able to present a final treatment plan with the worst case scenario, from a cost point of view. Once the patient starts the treatment he should not be presented any additional costs apart from what is included on the treatment plan.