What is a dental implant

Dental Implants are a great way of replacing missing teeth, they work and look just like normal teeth. A Dental Implant is a titanium plug which replaces the root of the patient’s normal tooth, which may have been damaged or extracted. Dental Implants are placed using a local anaesthetic, this is a pain free procedure although you may feel a little pressure when the Dental Implant is placed. Once the anaesthetic wears off you may have some discomfort which is easily controlled with some Ibuprofen pain relief. Dental Implants can be placed with sedation; this would mean a Dental Sedationist would also need to be present to administer this. Patients must remember that there may be a risk with any sedation and that the placement of the Dental Implant and appointment time will take longer. The good news is that the placement of Dental Implants is a very simple procedure and much simpler process for the patient without sedation. How long does it last? Once the Dental Implant has been placed it will takes a few months for the patient’s natural bone to integrate and fuse around the Dental Implant before it becomes a strong base/unit which then allows for the restoration stage, Dental Implants have three components, first is the Dental Implant itself which acts as the root of the tooth, then the Dental Abutment which is attached to the Dental Implant and allows the attachment of the final Dental Implant crown. The Dental Implant crown/tooth is the only thing that the patient will see. Patients with Dental Implants will still need regular dental checkups and hygiene appointments to maintain the patient’s oral health the same as with the patient’s natural teeth. If you would like any further information or if you would like to discuss your own personal treatment please contact the Marylebone Implant Centre by telephone on 020 3434 2934 or contact us by email at info@maryleboneimplantcentre.co.uk or you could visit our web page for our patients testimonials and before and after photographs’ at www.marylebonneimplantcentre.co.uk