Not enough bone for an implant

At the Marylebone Implant Centre we are frequently asked what happens if there is not enough bone in order to have a dental implant placed. The reality is that nowadays we can, most of the times, re-create that missing bone by means of a bone graft. Depending on how much bone is missing the bone graft may have to be done prior to the implant placement, or in some occasions, if there is enough bone to lock the implants in position we may be able to do the bone graft at the same time as the implant placement. Also, depending on the amount and location of the missing bone we may use one or another surgical technique as there are many bone graft surgical techniques. In terms of material for the bone graft, at the Marylebone implant Centre, we work mainly with a german company called Geistlich, and we use a bovine material called Biooss and collagen membranes (Bio Guide). This "almost" synthetic product will allows us to avoid to have to harvest the bone graft from another part of the patient bone which would cause additional discomfort and not a so positive final outcome. The Biooss has been extensively studied, there is no history of made cow disease transmission through this product has it doesn't have an organic component.