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The Truth about Sour Candies and Their Effects on Permanent Teeth

Chewing and sucking on sour candies has become a habit of many young people living here in the UK. It’s especially popular with younger parents who give them to their children as a treat. Little do people realise that the acid found in some of these sour candies could be eating away at the enamel on their teeth which could lead to permanent loss of teeth. Teeth that have little to no protective enamel are prone to tooth decay and other issues which could lead to patients in need of a tooth implant at extremely young ages.

The good news, though, is that if tooth erosion is noticed at an early stage it will help you realise that you are doing damage to your teeth. This, along with other preventive measures, could help prevent tooth loss and the need for dental implants in the first place. Early warning signs of tooth erosion include discolouration, sensitivity, and transparency.

  • Transparency: This could occur to your front teeth along the biting edges of your teeth.
  • Sensitivity: This can happen as your tooth enamel begins to wear away. For those who are younger in age,they really need to pay attention to sensitivity. There may be slight pain when eating cold, hot, or sweet drinks and food.
  • Discolouration: There could be a slight change in the colour of your teeth to a light yellow shade once tooth erosion begins.

It’s important that if you begin to see some of these signs of tooth erosion that you stop eating sour candies immediately to help reduce your chances of tooth loss.