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The Causes of Gingivitis

You have probably heard about gingivitis since you were a little child. Your parents may have warned you that you would get it if you didn’t take good care of your teeth. They were right. Gingivitis does come from people not taking good care of their teeth. Gingivitis comes from a build-up of bacteria that accumulates on the teeth. This build up is called plaqe. Although gingivitis is a periodontal disease that is non-destructive, it can lead to more serious issues such as periodontitis. This can eventually cause a person to have tooth loss. Patients who have gingivitis may have gums that are red, puffy, and bleed when they brush their teeth. In general, gingivitis goes away when a person improves their oral hygiene. They have to brush their teeth more often and spend more time doing so as well as making sure to floss. An antiseptic mouthwash as well as proper brushing and flossing may help some people. No one wants to deal with tooth loss so it is a good idea to make sure that you brush your teeth regularly and floss. If it is too late and you have lost a tooth or teeth, you can have a dental implant and improve the look of your smile once more.