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Teeth Whitening in London

Teeth Whitening

They say the first thing people notice is your smile and some people may even comment on how lovely your smile is… you have that white bright smile to light up the room?

You may find that you get a lot of staining and calculus around your teeth or you may have discolouration of your teeth. There can be many factors why we get tooth discolouration but for most it can be their lifestyle, patient’s diet for example, smoking, drinking red wine, tea and coffee. Certain foods with colorants in can also stain and discolour your teeth. How well patients maintain their oral hygiene can also be a contributing factor. For others it could be simply from the natural internal oxidation of the tooth or just the natural aging process.

Whichever category you fall in to tooth whitening is the easiest and most convenient way of lighten the shade of your natural teeth and can give you that whiter brighter younger looking smile you have always wanted to have but thought you could never achieve without having major dental treatment. Tooth whitening is much more affordable, simple and safer than in previous years and is now controlled by the GDC which is the governing body of dentistry in the UK. The GDC’s policy only permits tooth whitening to be carried out by fully registered professional clinicians which include dental hygienist/dental therapist or dentist in the UK, so all patients feel comfortable and confidence that they are in competent safe hands. So before you commit to having tooth whitening treatment it is very important that you are fully aware what the treatment entails and what to expect, what the risks are, when the tooth whitening should be carried out for the best results and who is allowed to carry out tooth whitening.

Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we only use dental products which have gone through the most stringent of tests and have been approved in the dentist industry worldwide. We have achieved excellent results with our patients using the UK’s leading tooth whitening brand Enlighten Evolution 3, which offers a combination of home whitening and in surgery (chair side) tooth whitening. This product is a market leader in the UK and the only one to guarantee a B1 shade, i.e., the brightest colour of the teeth shade scale.

At your initial dental consultation with our consultant they will assess your dental condition. The dentist usually recommends that in the first instance you have an appointment with our dental hygienist in order to ensure that your mouth is completely clean and that all calculus and staining has been removed so the patient can have the optimum result in the tooth whitening process. The dentist will also fully explain how the tooth whitening process proceeds with a full timescale of appointments and a total cost of fees. At the Marylebone Implant Centre we pride ourselves on our transparency with our patients so there are no hidden fees at a later date and the patients know exactly what dental treatment they are expecting to have, at what time and how much it will cost as you will also be given a complete precise dental treatment plan at your initial consultation stage. We like all our patients to completely understand and be fully aware of their dental treatment before they commence their treatment.

To give you an example of what to expect with our tooth whitening process at the Marylebone Implant Centre please find below what we call our…

Enlighten Evolution 3 step tooth whitening:

• Step 1 (30 Minute Appointment)

You will require a 30 minute appointment with the consultant so he/she can do the pre-op desensitizing advice as if you are doing tooth whitening for the first time your gums may become sensitive and you may experience some sensitivity. The dentist will provide you with a tooth serum whitening toothpaste which you should use twice a day before, during and after the tooth whitening treatment this will reduce any possibility of sensitivity problems and produce a better and much longer lasting tooth whitening result. Also at this appointment the dentist will take impressions which are then sent to our dental laboratory to be made up for the tooth whitening trays which the patient will then use for a further two weeks before the in surgery (chair side) treatment.

• Step 2 (30 Minute Appointment)

You will require a 30 minute appointment with the consultant to have the tooth whitening trays fitted and the dentist will go through the home tooth whitening instructions for you to take the trays and tooth whitening gels home with you and do this stage at home for two weeks. Here are the Marylebone Implant Centre we recommend that our patients wear the tooth whitening trays for 14 nights consecutively.

• Step 3 (2 Hours Appointment )

You will require a 2 hours appointment with the consultant to do what is called in surgery (chair side) tooth whitening where the dentist will do the final completion of the tooth whitening process with the tooth whitening trays which you have been using at home so it is very important that you remember at this stage to bring your tooth whitening trays with you to this appointment. After the above tooth whitening process is completed and you would like top ups of the tooth whitening gels please do not hesitate to contact the practice and would be delighted to arrange this for you.
If you are having any further treatment carried out such as dental implants treatment or if you are undergoing treatment for crown, bridge or veneer work here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we recommend that you have the tooth whitening done one month before for the final impression stage of the treatment is carried out so that the patient has the optimum result and we can instruct our dental laboratory as to the correct shading of the final restorations.

All of our dentists are registered with the GDC, while our treatment is all approved under BDA, GDC and UK standard guidelines. To find out more about any of the services we provide, and why we should be your first choice if you’re looking for a dentist to carry out dental implants, give us a call on 020 34 34 29 34.