Soft Tissue Graft or Gum Graft (Supporting Treatments)

Soft Tissue Graft or Gum Graft

Soft Tissue Graft or Gum Graft At Marylebone Implant Centre

Whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile or you have recently been told that you need a gum graft to help protect your teeth from the serious effects of gum recession, you have no need to panic. That’s when we talk about Soft Tissue Graft or Gum Graft

In the process of gum recession a patient will experience tissue pulling away from one or more of their teeth, which could expose the root of the tooth or more of the tooth which could lead to damage of the bone that is supporting the tooth. This is a common dental issue that affects adults (between 5%-12%) and will go unnoticed for the most part until it becomes bothersome.

While the problem can go unnoticed for a long period of time, once the root does become exposed it will begin to cause tooth sensitivity and look very unappealing. Patients could have trouble eating hot or cold foods, and if not treated it can lead to tooth loss. To help repair the problem, a dentist will propose performing a gum tissue graft procedure.

Depending on your specific needs, a dentist can choose from one of the three following graft procedures:

  • 1. Pedicle Grafts – This procedure will have the dentist retrieving tissue from gum that is located closely to where the tooth needing repair is located instead of taking it from the palate. The pedicle (flap) is only partially removed so that one edge of it is still attached. The gum will then be pulled down in order to cover the root that is exposed and then it’s sewn into place. This procedure is popular for patients who have a lot of gum tissue near their teeth.
  • 2. Connective-tissue Grafts – This is one of the most common methods to help patients who suffer from too much root exposure. For this a dentist will cut a flap of skin and tissue under the skin from the palate of a patient’s mouth and will stitch it to the gum tissue of the exposed root.
  • 3. Free Gingival Grafts – This procedure is similar to that of the connective-tissue graft because it also will use tissue from the palate of the patient’s mouth. The difference here, though, is that the dentist will not cut a flap of skin under the top layer, he instead will use tissue that is removed directly from the roof of the patient’s mouth and attach it to the area that is being treated. This is a popular graft for patients who have extremely thin gum lines and need additional tissue to help build up the gums.

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