Single Tooth Dental Implants (Dental Implant Treatments)

Single Tooth Dental Implants
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Dental Implants in London

A missing tooth can have an enormous impact on your life – Dental Implants – both medical and psychologically. Whether you start feeling self-conscious about your teeth and start to miss your favorite foods which become uncomfortable to eat, or you begin experiencing physical effects like muscle strains and headaches, it can be surprising how big a different missing one small tooth can make.

How much tooth loss impacts on your dental health really depends on your existing oral health, and how much of a tooth has actually been lost. If you have just lost a crown, which is the most visible part of your tooth, then it’s possible to repair or replace this much more easily.

However, if you have lost your entire tooth, including its root, then the effect is more severe. Your teeth’s roots effectively anchor it in place in your jawbone, providing stability and strength, and full root loss can cause bone to recede over time. This can cause any remaining teeth to shift or potential be lost as well.

We offer numerous treatments here at Marylebone Implant Centre to help deal with crown or full tooth loss (dental implants). These can vary from full Dental Implants to replace the entire tooth, to other more minor procedures to replace crowns. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

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All of our dentists are registered with the GDC, while our treatment is all approved under BDA, GDC and UK standard guidelines. To find out more about any of the services we provide, and why we should be your first choice if you’re looking for a dentist to carry out dental implants, give us a call on 020 34 34 29 34.