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Scientists Learn to Grow Teeth from Gum Cells

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you would likely enjoy having teeth in your mouth to fill the gap. One way of doing so is to get a tooth implant. This is a method of giving a person back their self esteem and ability to talk and eat like they used to. However, there may be an alternative to getting a dental implant in the future. Scientists have found a way to grow teeth from gum cells. They are calling this discovery a biotooth. Although this is definitely an advancement in dentistry, it isn’t quite ready for use yet. It will likely be years before patients are able to grow new teeth when a tooth is lost. With the bioengineered teeth, natural teeth were formed in the embryo from the interaction between two different types of cells. These cells are able to develop into a variety of different types of tissue including cartilage and bone. Right now research is taking place on generating immature teeth that would be placed into the human jaw to grow into full sized teeth. This will certainly be an amazing treatment once it is perfected. There would be nothing keeping anyone from having a full set of natural teeth.