Root Canal Vs Dental Implants ()

As a patient, if you have missing teeth or just problems with your teeth you may face a dilemma when it comes to your dental health.

You may have the option of trying to save your tooth using a root canal or by removing the problem tooth or teeth and having a dental implant replace them.

A dentist will have to consider a couple of different factors before they recommend a course of action. A dentist will look at the condition of any decayed teeth as well as a patient’s medical health and overall dental health. At Marylebone Implant Centre, our dentists will consider all of these factors.

Getting a root canal has to be one of the most dreaded dental treatments. A root canal may be done when there is tooth decay deep inside the tooth in what is called the pulp. A tooth’s pulp includes the blood vessels and nerves. The root canal is the part of the tooth that is hollow and contains the pulp. When a dentist does a root canal, he or she will remove the pulp from the tooth by drilling a hold in the top of the tooth. The dentist will then fill the hollowed out tooth with a rubbery material.

Root canals vary in their levels of success. Sometimes a root canal is not able to remove all of the damaged pulp and if a dentist feels that this may be the case for a patient, they may opt for another treatment – this is why it has been showed that the success rate of a root canal treatment is lower than the success rate of a dental implant.