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Pregnant Women Need More Dental Care

  Pregnant women may not be getting the dental care that they need. There may be many reasons for this including that these women don’t go to the dentist because they are not concerned about their oral health or if they are concerned that dental treatment will have a negative effect on their pregnancy. There may also be a stigma that dentists don’t feel comfortable treating pregnant women. Some dentists feel this way because they are afraid of the possible negative ramifications. They may worry that providing dental care to a pregnant women may cause harm to the fetus which may result in litigation. This can be an issue because pregnancy sometimes leads to some oral health problems like gum disease. In a survey conducted in 2009, 77% of patients seen by 351 gynecologists had some decline in their dental health. Various sources have stated that between 60 to 75 percent of pregnant women develop gingivitis or gum disease. Pregnant or not, it is important that all women see a dentist regularly. It is especially more important for pregnant women to see a dentist during their pregnancy to help look out for any issues that may arise due to pregnancy. It may be the difference of keeping a full set of teeth or losing a tooth that will require a dental implant later on down the line.