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Pay Attention to Your Teeth this Summer

  One of the farthest things from your mind this summer may be your dental health. However, it is a good idea that you really do spend at least a little time thinking about the health of your teeth. Dental experts have warned that many of the foods that people enjoy during the summer can have a negative effect on their teeth. Many people have tooth wear that they don’t even know about, and the problem is made worse by the foods that people eat during the summer. When it gets hot, sometimes it is tempting to cool down with a sugary drink just because we may get tired of drinking water all the time. Unfortunately, sugary drinks can really do a number on your teeth. Another thing that might be a problem that people may snack on in the summer is pickles. The colourant in pickles can alter a tooth’s colour and they have sugar. Tomatoes, usually thought of as a healthy fruit, may pose a problem to dental health too. They are good for the body but contain acid that can wear away at a tooth’s enamel. That’s not to say that you should avoid eating them all together, instead restrict yourself to eating tomatoes just during a meal instead of eating them throughout the day.