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Overdenture From Marylebone Implant centre

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Unlike regular dentures, which typically rest on the gums without any support, an implant-supported overdenture is a type of denture that gets better strength and reliability by being attached to dental implants.

This is often the best course of action if a patient has no teeth left in the jaw, which could otherwise be used as support for a standard denture. Instead, an overdenture is used if there is enough bone in the patient’s jaw to support new implants.

Special attachments connected to the implants and to the under layer of the overdenture, snap into place in order to hold the overdenture denture firm and in place without rocking or moving.

Frequently patients with lower jaw dentures tend to opt for implant-supported overdenture as normal dentures are very unstable and to move, and opposing to that implant supported overdentures have enough retention, stability and support that gives great comfort to the patients while chewing and talking.

That said, implant-supported dentures work equally as effectively with both upper and lower jaw dentures and provide additional stability.  Please watch the embedded video on this page for more specific information on how the implanting procedure works.

Overdenture Aftercare

Implant-supported dentures should be removed every day to carry out cleaning not just on the denture itself, but also on the gum area it’s attached to; this is to avoid the risk of any infection. If you would prefer a solution that can’t be removed, and is even more permanent and fixed, then you should speak with your dentist about permanent crown and bridgework.

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