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Our Modern Diet is Making Our Teeth Rotten

A recent study that looked at the evolution of teeth over the past 7,500 years shows that today we have less diverse oral bacteria than in the past. Scientists believe that this has contributed to chronic oral diseases. The authors analyzed the DNA of calcified bacteria on the teeth of humans throughout history, from present day all the way back to ancient humans. The research they have done has helped to show the consequences of the dietary choices of humans. The scientists who took part in this study said that there were negative consequences in oral bacteria as a result of our dietary choices. The change began when we went from being hunter-gatherers to farmers. Other changes were noticed when humans were able to begin manufacturing food during the Industrial Revolution. Now that we eat a variety of different types of processed sugar, we have changed the composition of the bacteria in our mouths. Due to a variety of factors, people often have to deal with tooth loss. If you are dealing with this issue, you might consider getting dental implants. It will go a long way towards helping you improve your smile.