Ridge Split (Oral Surgery Procedures)


Ridge Split

Without proper bone structure set in place, it’s very difficult for a patient to receive a successful dental implant procedure. Here we will take a look at the ridge split technique and how it can benefit patients who are seeking a successful dental implant procedure without any complications.

The lack of alveolar bone is quite common in many patients who are in need of dental implants. For patients who have sufficient alveolar bone structure, the implant procedure would be not being as complicated for both the patient and the dentist. For those who don’t have sufficient bone structure, there are procedures that can help.

To help regenerate alveolar bone structure, the procedure is not a simple one and this will require special attention by both the patient and Dr. Santos. However, with the proper procedure, patients have the future of having a beautiful smile and be able to enjoy life again as they normally would have with their original teeth in place. Many leading dental surgeons around the world view the ridge split technique as one of the best ways to augment alveolar bone width. For those who are faced with an edentulous mandible situation, which requires a horizontal alveolar bone augmentation, the ridge split method is a very efficient procedure.

Two Stage Method

For some dentists, they will use a two-stage method in order for the patient to receive a successful ridge splitti

,p>The second stage will be implant placement. The size of the implant and the structure of the bone will help determine the size of the ridge split. Once everything is completed properly, the alveolar plate will be stable enough to ensure that the patient would have a successful implant set in place. This method has proven to be successful for many patients who are looking for permanent solutions for their missing teeth. If you have questions about this procedure or other procedures performed here at Marylebone Implant Centre, please contact Dr. Santos or one of his trained staff members today.