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Mouthwash Helps Reduce Both Plaque and Gingivitis

If you have been skipping out on using mouthwash thinking that it is unnecessary, reconsider. Research that was just recently published in an issue of General Dentistry, a clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, indicates that by using a germ killing mouthwash can help to significantly reduce plaque and gingivitis when it is combined with brushing your teeth. Why does using mouthwash make such a difference? Well, when you consider that using a toothbrush can’t reach all surfaces in the mouth it only makes sense that other tools should be used. Since mouthwash is able to reach every surface in the mouth, it makes sense that it is such an effective help. It is not a replacement for brushing your teeth, but it can help your tooth brushing routine be more effective. Many people brush their teeth the recommended two times a day but they may not be spending enough time when they do. We should all be spending at least two minutes every time we brush our teeth when many of us spend half that much time. Adding a germ killing mouthwash to that routine can really make a difference in a person’s oral health so they may be able to avoid the pain and embarrassment of tooth loss. Even though tooth loss can be remedied with dental implants, it’s best to avoid it if at all possible.