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Improvements in Oral Health of People in the UK

The oral health of people living in the UK has improved over the years. There have been studies that have shown that in 1978 there was a large portion of the population in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland that had no natural teeth. As many as 37 per cent of the people in these countries were without their natural teeth at that time. In 2009, this number was reduced to just six per cent. Now, more than 70 per cent of adults in Wales, England, and Northern Ireland are free from visible dental decay in their mouths. It is also good to know that nearly sixty-seven per cent of children aged 12 were found to be free of visible dental decay as well. Unfortunately, the news is not all good. Sixty per cent of people in the UK aged sixty-five and older regret that they didn’t look after their teeth when they were younger. No matter your age, you can improve the look of your smile. If you suffer from oral health issues like missing teeth, you can have dental implants in London. It is never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted and it might be much more affordable than what you think.