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Why people choose to have dental implants?

Most people who choose to have dental implants have found themselves at the end of their tether with an ill fitting appliance such as a denture or have lost their confidence as they have a missing tooth or teeth or a gap which may have been due to either a poor dental prognosis or an accident, whichever the reason patients have found dental implants are a great way of replacing these teeth as they act and look like your own natural teeth.

Dental implants are secure restorations that will not only enhance your confidence by giving you back the smile you have always wanted, dental implants will also give you back your chewing ability and align your mouth so you have the correct bite . This in turn has a huge impact on your general health as your nutrition and diet regime will become much better and much healthier, you will be able to eat all of the foods you once avoided especially certain fruits and vegetables, no foods will be off limit to you ever again.

Dental Implants are a much longer lasting dental treatment, dental implants can last you a life time (as long as the dental implants are well maintained) as opposed to a conventional bridge or denture. Dental implants will not impact on any of your other teeth as a denture or bridge may do. A regular denture or bridge may be the cheaper option initially however in the long term wearing the denture could possibly lead to bone loss which means that your mouth will therefore change and the denture will not fit and start to move around in your mouth and could possibly drop out at the most inconvenient of times.

Therefore here at the Marylebone Implant Centre most of our patients find that dental implants are the best option for them from the very beginning as they will not have to go through all of these different dental treatments only to finish up requiring dental implants and possibly bone grafting but they find that dental implants are also financially a much more viable and cheaper option in the long run.

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For the choice which is right for you ... Choose Dental Implants today and make a life change.. Let us at Marylebone Implant Centre Make You Smile.