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Fluoridated Water Beneficial to Adults as well as Children

Fluoridated Water

A recent study that was done by researchers at the University of North Carolina and the University of Adelaide, Australia, have come up with evidence proving that drinking water with fluoride reduces the risk of tooth decay in adults.

They found that this was true even for adults who did not receive fluoridated drinking water as a child. In fact, this study showed that fluoridated drinking water prevents tooth decay for adults no matter their age and whether they received fluoridated water when they were children.

At one time it was believed that fluoridated drinking water was only a benefit to children who had been consuming it since birth.

This recent study shows that more people are able to benefit from drinking fluoridated water than was previously thought. This is helpful information to have for cities who are considering getting fluoridated water.

The results of this study were published online in the Journal of Dental Research. The research showed that adults that spend more than three-quarters of their life living in communities where the water had fluoride had a lot less tooth decay than adults who lived less than one-fourth of their life in such a community.