Fixed Provisional Crowns (Supporting Treatments)

Fixed Provisional Crowns

Fixed provisional crowns will temporarily replaced a single tooth or many teeth. It needs to be supported by adjacent teeth that would need to be prepared (filled down) before the provisional crown or bridge is cemented with temporary cement.

Also, a fixed provisional crowns can in some occasions be fitted over an implant (immediately or once the implant is healed). This would allow re-shaping and reforming the gum around the provisional crown – in the area of the implant. Also, it would allow immediately covering the gap of the missing tooth or teeth and avoiding the use of removable dentures.

What is involved in the process of having a Fixed Provisional Crowns?

Initial impressions of the upper and lower jaw are taken. A bite registration is also taken in order to relate the top and bottom models.

Next, the impressions are sent to the lab in which the crown will be manufactured. Before sending the impressions to the lab Dr. Santos will match the colour as closely as possible to your other natural teeth.

Also, during your first visit it’s likely that you will have X-rays taken of the roots of the tooth or teeth where you will be receiving a crown. If there are complications such as tooth decay or there is a high risk for infection you may need to have a root canal treatment performed first.

At the second visit the process of preparing the tooth for a crown includes some type of numbness medication given to you in order to help with any discomfort you may feel. The tooth will then be filed down to make room for the crown to be installed properly. In some instances, too much of the tooth is missing and in this case Dr. Santos would then help build up the tooth in order for it to better support the crown.

Fixed Provisional 3 Fixed Provisional 2 Fixed Provisional

After the tooth or teeth are prepared, Dr. Santos will reline (re-adapt) the provisional fixed acrylic bridge or crown to the prepared teeth and will then cemented with a provisional cement..

In case of fixed provisional crowns over and implant, this would be fitted over an implant abutment.

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