dental Implants Cost
How Much do Dental Implants Cost?

How Much do Dental Implants Cost?

How Much do Dental Implants Cost and how should you proceed?

How Much do Dental Implants Cost? thats Being told that you require Dental Implants can be a shock and not something that most of us will be ready or prepared for. We can factor many things into our lives : Buying a New House, New Car, Birth of a Child, we can financially prepare ourselves for these momentous occasion but unfortunately we tend not to think of our teeth and mouth as part of our health therefore we can ignore them however when we get the news that dental implants are our only option it can be more than a surprise not at least an unexpected financial outlay that we are not prepared for.

Once the initial news of having dental implants has sunk in the most common question patients will ask is: How Much will Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implants revolutionised the dental industry over 25 years ago and became the most successful and highly technical way of replacing missing teeth to give the patient back the smile they have always wanted or have had and wanted back again without them having to go down the denture or bridgework route. The patient could now have a smile which can make them feel more youthful, give them back their chewing ability and ultimately give them back their confidence as they can have teeth which look and act just like their natural teeth.

As Dental Implants were so unique back in the beginning and such a breakthrough in dentistry the cost and pricing were so expensive that they were just for the few however today thankfully like the skills, techniques and the components of the dental implants themselves, dental skills and techniques have been honed, the dental implant components have scientifically been improved to assist both the implant consultant and patient, likewise the cost and pricing have become more realistic and are now open and available to everyone worldwide at very competitive prices.

When comparing the costs and fees of the denture/bridgework against dental implants in the short term denture/bridgework may look the most economical option and may be financially a better solution for the patient at that time however most patients find that after approximately 5 years of constantly trying to get them to fit correctly and coping with them they inevitably are required to go ahead with dental implants as the denture/bridgework have also caused some bone deterioration ( bone loss).

The cost of dental implants can be a little bit more expensive with the initial outlay however in the long term we have found dental implants to be the most consistent form of treatment and in the long term can be the most cost effective dental treatment and in some cases can even work out to be a little cheaper. So do not despair you do not have to go down the denture and bridgework route you can now have Dental Implants and you may find that Dental Implants may not be as costly as you think in the long term.

For further information on dental implants and fees please contact one of our very knowledgeable staff at the Marylebone Implant Centre in the first instance ona 02034342934 or email us at or visit us and chat to us on our website: where our staff will be delighted to walk you through all our dental implant treatments and costings.

At the Marylebone Implant Centre we believe in complete transparency with our patients so our patients are fully informed and aware of all treatment options and fees before any treatment begins. We invite our patients along for an Initial Free of Charge No Obligation Consultation and Treatment Planning. At this appointment, which lasts approximately 90 minutes, we will take a CT Scan (which is a 3D Image of the patients mouth and costs a one off fee of £150 however a copy of the CT Scan can be supplied to the patient to take away with them). The patient will then see our highly experienced and professional dental implant consultants who will go through all of the dental implant treatment options in layman’s terms with the patient and will give the patient a full complete precise treatment plan with a total amount of fees and a time scale of appointments required, this dental implant treatment plan will not change and you can feel confident in the knowledge that there are no hidden costs and you are certainly under no obligation to continue with your dental implant treatment with us.

At the practice you will never be asked for the total cost of the fees upfront, we do what we like to call a “Pay as you go treatment scheme” or we work alongside a finance company called Dental Finance which can help you spread the cost of the your dental implant treatment over a period of 1-5 years if that is a route you prefer to go down.

Our fees start at £2,840 for an implant fixed bridge and that is inclusive of the implant, abutment and final crown. Call Us Today and Book Your Free of Charge No Obligation Consultation and Treatment Planning.