How much will my Dental Implant Cost?

There are various variables that will contribute to the overall treatment fee. These include:

  • Preliminary non-surgical work. This can include things like treatment of gum disease and dental decay. Dental implant treatment is a surgical procedure and therefore we must ensure that we have a healthy foundation on which to build the implants.
  • Preliminary Surgical work. In some occasions, there may be insufficient bone or gum and so grafting treatments may become necessary in order to produce the required aesthetics and cosmetic results. The implants can then be placed in the newly augmented bone.
  • The type of Implant system chosen. Innovative advancements in implant dentistry have meant that there are so many variations of implant types and procedures. It is important that you have the implant system in your mouth that is the most compatible with your teeth.
  • Your remaining teeth. The design of how your teeth will be restored depends upon the quality and quantity of the remaining teeth. In some instance, the remaining teeth beside the missing teeth may be structurally weak and need protecting. In these instances, a bridge may be more suitable. In other cases, implants provide the most suitable long term option.
  • The type of smile and aesthetic result required. More work will be required to re-establish the perfect scalloped gum lines and the proper emergence of an artificial tooth supported by an implant. Hence, the types of treatment indicated will be dependent on your pre-existing starting point. This may involve gum grafts. The use of angulation implants or straight implants will depend upon the bone levels. Your particular implant system will be chosen according to what we need to accomplish. Also, during the assessment, the dentist will do a smile analysis to design your new smile and establish your required cosmetic result.
  • The clinical experience and skill of the implant dentist and the laboratory ceramist. Since implant treatment is a complex surgical procedure, it is imperative that only a very skilled and experienced dentist carry out the treatment. It is also important for both the dentist and the laboratory technician to have a strong cohesive working relationship so that they can communicate and understand how each other works. It is also imperative that they are able to fully understand exactly what the patient is trying to achieve.

Thereafter, the dentist will talk to you about all your treatment choices and the cost of your Treatment Plan. To book in for your complimentary consultation please call 020 3434 2934.