dental Implants Cost
Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implant Cost in london

AIf you have a missing tooth or teeth and are considering dental implants but feel that they are out of reach due to the financial outlay then you may be surprised to learn that nowadays there are a lot more dental implant brands on the market making dental implants much more widely available and cost effective, in the UK and Worldwide, than when they first came to light changing the dental industry as we know it and giving patients a much more happier, healthier, permanent alternative to just having their teeth extracted and having ill fitting dentures or bridgework fitted.

The science and technology of dental implants meant that dentist could now offer something completely new and clinically safe to patients to give them back their smile, chewing ability and oral health which in the long term gave them back their confidence and nutritional health. However when dental implants first came to the dentistry profession because they were so new and designs and techniques were still in the initial stage dental implants were quite expensive and only the given few were able to consider dental implant treatment therefore people in the UK that could not afford to have the dental implants placed in the UK found themselves travelling to Europe to have them placed. After many years of expert training and developing new skills, designs and techniques the dental implant screw itself is not only more dental user friendly for the consultant it is much more friendly, safer and faster healing for the patient. Thankfully nowadays you will find that there are an array of dental implant brands on the market therefore giving dental consultants and clinics in the UK a wider variety of dental implants to choose from to suit their patients.

The Marylebone Implant Centre is a prestige dedicated dental implant centre situated right in the heart of the renown medical district of London offering our patients a highly professional successful competitively priced dental implant treatment and other supporting dental treatments. We use only the leading UK and Worldwide dental implant brands which are Implant Direct Sybron Solution System and Straumann Implant System all under one roof in our comfortable two room dental clinic where we use only the best up to the minute dental techniques and equipment which are all clinically approved and tested regularly.

Our practice

Our practice is dedicated strictly to dental implants treatment therefore we are able to negotiate preferential rates with our suppliers which we then pass on to our patients which keep are prices relatively low therefore you will find make our dental implants fees a lot more competitive and in some cases you may even find that we are 40% cheaper than most dental implant clinics in the UK. Some patients may think there is a catch to this as our fees are less expensive however we can assure you we are proud to say that we not only use the highest quality dental materials, equipment and techniques along with the leading UK brands and in some cases worldwide leading brands in dental implants, all our staff and clinicians are highly qualified (GDC Registered), experienced expert dental professionals who have continued training to ensure the best standard of care and services are offered to all our patients.

At the Marylebone Implant Centre it is our goal to ensure that all patients who come to our clinic experience an exceptionally safe, pain free, hassle free dental journey from their first enquiry to the completion of their dental implant journey. All of the staff at the Marylebone Implant Centre see our patients as our priority and their needs and requirements are of the upmost important. We place great emphasis on our communication with our patients as we like for our patients to know that we are a clinic that they can trust in and we will put their well being at the forefront so we are very transparent in everything we do. At the patients initial free of charge no obligation consultation and treatment planning with our expert dental implant consultant we will go through all of the dental implant treatment options with the patient with complete, precise, exact treatment fees and costings with no hidden costs at a later date.

To be a candidate for teeth in a day firstly the implant consultant will need to assess the patient and determine if the patient has enough bone, what the patients bite is like as these are essential factors for the Teeth in a day procedure. However if you do not have enough bone there are many other dental implant treatments that the patient can go forward with it , Teeth in a day is not suitable for everyone. However at the Marylebone Implant Centre pleased be assured we would never leave any of our patients without teeth.

Our fees start from £995 per tooth when you have four or more implants placed at the same time and this inclusive of the implant, abutment and final crown. If you are looking for dental implants treatment and you are concerned about the dental implant treatment or procedure or you feel that financially the dental implant treatment may be too much please call Marylebone Implant Centre today and see that dental implants are much more available to everyone at very affordable prices.

For further information please do hesitate to contact us on 02034342934 or at and one of our treatment co-ordinators will go through all of all treatments and prices with you before you even attend the practice.

All of our dentists are registered with the GDC, while our treatment is all approved under BDA, GDC and UK standard guidelines. To find out more about any of the services we provide, and why we should be your first choice if you’re looking for a dentist to carry out dental implants, give us a call on 020 34 34 29 34.