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Enjoy the Freedom of Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth or several teeth, there are several options to choose from to let you get back to having a full set of teeth again. Those options include dentures, which is a great option, and bridges which are even a better option. But if you want the best option for replacing a missing tooth then you have got to get dental implants. The best part about implants is that they can work together with both bridges and dentures to give a patient the ultimate support in replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants are also viewed as a permanent fix for those who suffer a missing tooth or teeth whereas dentures will have to be replaced over a period of time. Thanks to the latest technology and advancements in dental surgery, implants have become a very routine surgery with some patients being able to have implants put into place in a very short period of time without much preparation required. For others, the process is not as simple but the end result is always the same which is a beautiful smile and overall healthy oral hygiene.  With implants there is very little downtime as many patients are able to return to work very quickly, with little to no discomfort to report. There is also a very low risk for infection once implants are placed in and they are very easy to care for as they act and feel like real teeth. If you have questions or concerns about dental implants, please feel free to contact our office here in London so we can better assist you with your issues.