Denture vs Over Dentures (Dental Implant Treatments)

Dentures vs Over Dentures, What’s the diference?

Dentures are removable prosthetic appliance that people can use to replace their missing teeth. They are custom made and can replace anything from 1 tooth to a whole jaw of missing teeth. They are normally made from Acrylic and can be taken in and out to clean. They are generally inexpensive but their main negative point is their movement; they rarely fit well for long periods as your gum and jaw changes so they do take a lot of getting used to and tweaking.

An over-denture is made of aesthetic acrylic with custom made teeth and a metal reinforcement. It is detachable from the implants for cleaning purposes, however as the over denture is supported by implants it is very sturdy and fits more easily. The over dentures will give you back the confidence that you need in order to be able to chew most types of food and also to socialize with more confidence. Another point to remember is that as the implants are doing the job of securing the over-denture; it doesn’t need to cover the roof of the mouth allowing you to be able to taste food fully, improving the speech and avoiding the gag reflex that can be very common.

Which is best?

Research has shown that without any teeth in the jaw the dentures does not give the bone any stimulation or in layman’s terms – a reason to flourish or retain itself. After some years the jaw bone will resorb or shrink upwards meaningless bone for the dentures to cling onto eventually becoming quite flat where only a denture fixative not anatomical hold will secure the denture in place. It has been proven that implants act like teeth do in the jaw to not exactly mimic but contribute greatly to retaining the bone area. While the implants are in the jaw it gives the bone stimulation and stops the surface from shrinking down completely.

Ideally considering the above information an Implant supported denture or over-denture as we call it works better on a physical level, however peoples preferences are different and if you have been happy with a normal denture for some time it may not be worth changing something that works well for you.

The price of the denture and over-denture are quite comparable; a standard denture on one jaw in a private clinic can be up to £2000, our implant supported over denture starts at £3499 but obviously there are many more plus points to the over-denture if it is something your budget can stretch to.

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