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Dentures Just Didn't Work For Me

After spending years battling gum disease caused by smoking I was told by my dentist that I would need to have several teeth removed. My teeth were loose and I looked a mess. I tried wearing a denture for the first year which I found painful and awkward, it limited my self confidence and I started to look for another option. Searching the internet was a minefield with prices that varied hugely. I came across Dr Marques dos Santos in my search. In addition to the low costs and free consultation that initially attracted me his website totally identified with how I felt. In person Dr Marques dos Santos is a true gentleman and made me feel totally in control about something that in truth scared the living daylights out of me. Both he and his team were fantastic, everything was explained carefully and in bite size chunks that I could understand. The implant placement itself was completely pain free although I must admit felt very strange. Afterwards was quite uncomfortable for me for the first 3 or 4 days but then seemed to settle down quite well. The aftercare and advice provided by the practice was amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them. Geraldine