Dental Laboratory

Bone Anchor for Dental Implant

The last stage of your implant treatment is the prosthesis which is more commonly known as either the crown, bridge or over denture.

We work closely with our skilful and talented laboratory technicians when producing the part of the treatment that will be clearly visible to all. Our aim is to make something that looks both natural and beautiful, will function perfectly and will last well against the stresses your mouth creates when biting and chewing.

Our technicians are really engineers, who work to a much smaller scale. They use the latest techniques and materials along with 3D computer technology such as CAD/CAM to be able to plan and measure their work precisely. The materials and the way they are combined and layered is very specific, valuable strength can be lost if poor materials are used or if vital stages are skipped in the making of these structures. Through many years, we can see that our vision combined with the laboratories precision and attention to detail has created fantastic, long lasting results which really do stand the test of time.

The Marylebone Implant Centre's Lab Technicians

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