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Dental insurance in London

Dental Insurance in London and the Marylebone Implant Centre.

With the ever increasing cost of living these days especially in London people are finding it ever difficult to make ends meet and are obviously not spending as they used to or they find they simply do not have the surplus cash that they used to have so they are finding themselves becoming “Sauvé” shoppers.

We all have difficult decisions on what we can do with and without and for some people unfortunately that means that what used to be a regular check up or cleaning with your dentist every six months is put off to once a year however what most people do not realise that this can be very detrimental to not only patients oral health but also their physical health and in the long run can cost them more financially due to maybe having to have extensive dental treatment.

Here at the Marylebone Implant Centre we encourage our patients as much as possible that prevention is better than cure, therefore to try and keep up with their regular check ups and oral hygiene regime. In order to meet our patient’s dental needs and financial constraints we offer 0% financing with a reputable company which can help spread the cost over 1-5 years, we also offer what we like to call a pay as you go treatment scheme.

As the NHS is getting more and more overloaded patients are getting increasingly tiresome of long waiting times for their treatments and are looking more into Private Medical and Dental Insurance which can help them to spread the cost over the year paying a small set monthly fee and will cover the patient for a percentage of the private dental treatment that they require.

We are finding also that a lot of companies will also include private dental insurance in their benefits packages to employees however if this does not pertain to you and you would like to seek out your own private dental insurance here are Marylebone Implant Centre tips to look for when researching for Private Dental Insurance Companies:

• Ensure that it is a reputable company

• Ensure that the dental insurance covers your needs

Ask what Dental Treatments the Dental Insurance covers (enquire if they cover dental Implants ) and what percentage of the dental treatment will they cover

How much the monthly fee will be?

You may find that some dental practices are linked to certain Dental Insurance Companies but for most practices and for us at the Marylebone Implant Centre we are always delighted to complete any necessary Dental Insurance Claim Forms or paperwork for our patients to ensure that their transitions are as smooth as possible. If you would like any further information on Dental Insurance please do not hesitate to contact one of our team please do hesitate to contact us on 02034342934 or at and one of our treatment co-ordinators will go through all of all treatments and prices with you before you even attend the practice.

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All of our dentists are registered with the GDC, while our treatment is all approved under BDA, GDC and UK standard guidelines. To find out more about any of the services we provide, and why we should be your first choice if you’re looking for a dentist to carry out dental implants, give us a call on 020 34 34 29 34.