Dental Implants: What are they?

A dental implant is a titanium plug, which replaces the root of the patient’s normal tooth that may have been damaged or extracted. Typically, the implant will then support a crown or bridge, usually constructed from porcelain, in order to fill the gaps left by the missing teeth.

The Tooth Replacement Process

Once placed, it will take around 3 months for the patient’s natural bone to integrate and fuse to the implant. When the base is formed and deemed strong enough, the restoration phase can begin.

Tooth implants typically have three components:


The Dental Implant Itself

Which acts as the root of the tooth.

The Implant Abutment

Which connects to the implant and allows the attachment of the crown or bridge.

The Final Implant Crown

This is the only part which is visible to the patient.

In some situations the abutment and crown are just one piece – screw-retained crowns. Patients with dental implants will still require regular dental checkups and hygiene appointments to maintain optimal oral health, as is the case with natural teeth.

Why do Patients Require Implants?

There are a variety of reasons as to why tooth replacement may be required, including:

  • Trauma resulting from an accident.
  • Failed root canals.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Dental defects resulting from a genetic condition.
  • Complications arising from gum disease.
  • Tooth loss and associated misalignment.
  • Excessive wear and tear.

Benefits of Having Dental Implants Fitted

Dental implants have improved the quality of life for many of our patients. They provide a modern, long-lasting solution to the loss or damage of teeth.


A minimised risk of developing cavities compared to conventional dental bridges.


Preservation of bone, which gradually resorbs when a tooth is displaced.


Superior comfort in comparison to alternative treatments such as dentures.


Superior comfort in Tooth & jaw functionality similar to that of natural teeth. to alternative treatments such as dentures.


Significant improvement of overall oral health.


Very cost-effective considering the long-lasting nature of treatment.

Dental Implant Treatment Plans Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Following your consultation, you will be provided with a personalised treatment plan, taking into account each stage of treatment and associated timescale, along with a complete schedule of costs.

Our implant-dedicated practice offers the latest technology and equipment in order to address all dental implant cases, from the simplest to the most complex. Our patients have the peace of mind that they can access the very latest in implant technology and benefit from our wealth of experience.

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before dental implantafter dental implant
before dental implantafter dental implant