Teeth in a Day in London

From both an aesthetic and functional perspective, having teeth missing can be inconvenient at best. By having a temporary set of fixed teeth placed, patients can smile freely while waiting for the implant to fully heal and integrate in the bone.

Marylebone Implant Centre, Knowledgeable in the Teeth-in-a-day Implant Concept

‘Teeth in a Day’ refers to a patient having a temporary set of teeth placed upon the implants immediately after the initial implant procedure. Teeth used in the protocol are removable only by the implantologist, and will stay in the mouth from implant placement stage until implant-bone integration. This healing process takes an average of 3-6 months, after which the final restoration will be fitted.

These type of temporary restorations are not the same as removable dentures, however temporary removable dentures may be an option as well. This shall be discussed with our implantologists at the time of the consultation.

Teeth-in-a-Day Limitations

Unfortunately, the Teeth-in-a-day concept can’t be guaranteed to all patients, being dependent on the case at hand. Many factors influence whether or not this treatment can be provided, for example, the bone volume and bite of a patient.

In order to hold the fixed set of temporary teeth, the implants must be highly stable at the moment of placement, therefore requiring sufficient bone density for tooth-supporting structures.

My Front Tooth is Fractured/Failing – Will I Have a Gap Throughout the Treatment?

Another common situation where MIC applies the teeth-in-a-day protocol is when the patient’s front tooth requires extraction, due to it failing or being fractured.

In such an instance, if there’s sufficient bone volume surrounding the treatment area, a temporary crown may be immediately placed upon the implant site. By extracting the tooth and immediately placing the implant and temporary crown/bridge, the implantologist will be able to control the outline of gum and bone surrounding the implant. It can be psychologically challenging for patients to deal with gaps or dentures. This treatment option gives peace of mind to the patient, providing an immediate aesthetic fix.

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