Zirconia Abutments (Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments)

Zirconia Abutments

Zirconia Abutments at Marylebone dental Implant Centre

zirconia abutments are always an option. For those who suffer from a missing tooth, there are several treatment options that you have to consider. Here at Marylebone Implant Centre we offer a variety of different cosmetic dentistry procedures to help patients who suffer from a missing tooth or teeth.

For those who decide a dental implant is the right procedure for them, there are several ways to finish the implant crown in order to allow a good match of with the remaining teeth.
There are usually 3 components involved when we talk about a dental implant: implant + abutment + crown.
After extensive research done in the last decade it was identified the abutment as being one of the most critical aspects of the final restoration.

The abutment makes the transition in between the dental implant and the implant crown.
The interface in between the gum and crown of the final restoration is the most difficult part to mimic with the natural teeth and the reason it’s because at this level the gum is very thin and translucid. In some occasions, in the aesthetic area, dentists prefer to use zirconia abutments because they are white and for that reason don’t create a grey shadow at the base of the implant crown.

Zirconia Abutments

For the most part you will find that dentist will use a titanium abutment because it’s the most common. But in some cases, the colour of the titanium may have a tendency to show through the gums leaving an unattractive appearance. When this happens, Dr. Santos will probably advise a patient to go with a zirconia abutment as they are white in colour and will not give off a gray shade in your gum lines.

Quality Results Every Time

As for the material, zirconia has the necessary durability and strength to give patients the best results possible when it comes to dental implants. Many of the zirconia abutments on the market today are created using a CAD/CAM process in which a computer will design the product to achieve the best customised results possible.
Here at Marylebone Implant Centre, we want to see you have the best smile possible with zirconia abutments and dental implants. If you have more questions about zirconia abutments or other products that Dr. Santos would use for dental implants, please contact our office to schedule your initial dental implant consultation.

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